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Sound Quality … Quality Sound

You deserve the very best … when you are experiencing a Ke’Ano Ukulele,  in your own hands, for the first time and every time after that, you know that you are holding something extremely special.  The feel … the sound … the unsurpassed quality!  As stated elsewhere throughout this web page the attention to detail put into each and every instrument is the same attention to detail that I utilized throughout my career as a Forensic Scientist (comparing fingerprints, identifying bullets to the guns that fired them or searching out clues at a crime scene). 

Let me  give you and extremely simple yet very basic example regarding that “attention to detail”.  There are numerous custom builders that purchase their fret board blanks,  fret board binding material and bridge blanks as three or four individual pieces of wood (many times from different sources).  I buy a single piece of wood … a high grade, quality guitar fret board blank.  From that single blank I will cut my fret board, fret board bindings and bridge … not only is there a lot less wasted material; but more important, all of theses individual pieces match perfectly in overall color and grain pattern. The photograph (right) illustrates the extreme differences between four different pieces of rosewood.  Mismatching these pieces onto a single instrument would not affect the instrument’s playability or tone; but it does greatly affect the instrument’s final appearance and illustrate the builder’s overall attention or lack of attention to detail.

fretboards croped resized.jpg

A large amount of time and effort was expended in the computer assisted design of the overall bracing system within the Ke'Ano Ukulele.  Once the overall design was completed, acrylic templates were laser cut and etched to speed up the overall process and ensure the accuracy of each build.  This does not detract from the absolute fact that there is no assembly line process (after all this is a one man operation).  Each and every Ke'Ano Ukulele is produced one instrument at a time, from the bending and shaping of the wood, to the hand polishing of each and every fret. I work on one and only one ukulele at a time from its start to its completion.  In doing so, I feel I can give all Ke'Ano Ukuleles the full attention they deserves and produce the utmost quality in every instrument.

And ... don't forget ... If you order a custom ukulele, built just for you (rather than one of the pre-built instruments periodically found on this web site), an email will be sent to you on the day that your instrument started ... and if you'd like ... periodic photographs will be sent to you throughout the build allowing you to assemble a photo journal of its creation.

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