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Welcome to Ke’Ano

Sound Quality . . . Quality Sound

Thank you for your interest in Ke’Ano Ukulele.  It is because each instrument is produced the old fashion way … by hand …one ukulele at a time … that allows the unsurpassed quality to be felt every time the instrument is picked up and heard every time it is played.  A Ke’Ano Ukulele is built to provide you many years of enjoyment and pleasure.  It is my sincere hope that each and every Ke’Ano ukulele, along with the gift of music itself, will be passed along from one generation to the next.


Thank you once again for your interest in Ke’Ano Ukulele.

I take pride in offering ‘full featured’ custom tenor ukuleles at prices equal to or less than what other custom builders ask for their ‘basic’ models.


All solid wood construction

"Grover" or "Gotoh" tuners

All solid wood construction

Paua Abalone rosette

Hardwood perflings and bindings

Quality hard case

Side sound port

Electronic digital tuner

Front and side fret board markers

MiSi Trio electronics

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“Sir you are an ARTIST ... the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is off the chart” 


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