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Mi-Si Acoustic Trio For Ukulele

Why the Mi-Si Trio ... Because it's awesome!

KeAno Ukulele takes pride in sourcing only the absolute best materials and products so that we can produce one of the finest ukuleles available.  In our opinion the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio for Ukulele is the only choice and is what we choose for every electric ukulele that we produce ... especially our patented electric / acoustic "Breeze".


Have you ever struggled to replace the 9 volt battery inside your electric ukulele ... then you're not familiar with the Mi-Si Trio because there is no battery as it uses capacitor technology.  The Mi-Si Acoustic Trio System for Ukulele features an active, battery-free preamp that is designed specifically to work with the L.R. Baggs Ukulele pickup. The preamp for this system uses Mi-Si’s custom piezo linearization scheme - allowing for the most truthful and accurate sound from the pickup. All you have to do is power up for 60 seconds using the Mi-Si Power Charger which will provide you with up to 16 hours of performance time.

To charge the Acoustic Trio Ukulele pickup, simply plug the Power Charger into a 120/220 Volt AC outlet. Then plug in the Power Charger's 1/4” stereo plug into the pickup’s end-pin jack installed on your instrument and wait 60 seconds. Now you’re pickup is ready for 16 hours of performance time  You can plug your instrument into ANY input of ANY system or amplifier regardless of input impedance. In the same manner, you can use ANY type of shielded MONO cable - regardless of its capacitance. Your sound will not be altered. You can enjoy the benefits of having an active amplified system without worrying about batteries.


 Using the Power Charger to power up your preamp is truly remarkable.  But what if you forgot or lost your Power Charger?  Don’t worry!   Although Mi-Si does not promote the use of batteries, in this particular case all you need to power up your system is any stereo cord and a common 9 Volt battery. Plug the stereo cord into your instrument and hold the 9 Volt battery so that the positive terminal is touching the Ring of the stereo plug and the negative terminal is touching the Ground. Hold it like this for 60 seconds and you are ready to play for 16 hours. The system will not be damaged by accidentally connecting the battery in wrong direction.

Seriously, the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio System For Ukulele is truly the only choice for your electric ukulele.  Once you experience this product first hand you will understand.

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