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Tongue Drum Mallets

Felt Mallets

At KeAno Instruments we searched for months, testing a variety of different materials (Rubber, Plastic, Hard Felt, Soft Felt, Cloth .... ) to construct a mallet capable of producing the best sound possible from your Wooden Tongue Drum. Boy did we hit it (yes ... pun intended).

The overall length of each mallet is 12 inches, consisting of one-quarter inch diamener light-toned, unblemished, Baltic Birch hardwood handles with one inch diameter charcoal color Felted Wool Tips (100% New Zealand Wool with no fillers).  Each mallet weighs only 7 grams (one quarter ounce) and are soft, nonabrasive yet yield a solid touch allowing every note to ring out with beautiful sustain and clarity.

Weather you play a KeAno Tongue Drum or one produced by another manufacturer you need to give our mallets a try .... because you will hear the difference.  Sold in pairs.



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