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Workshop - KeAno Enterprises


I can’t emphasize enough just how small Ke’Ano Ukulele is.  It’s all about the quality that can only come from that personal touch.  Ke’Ano Enterprises occupies a small portion of the basement in our home (very short commute to and from work every day).  Because wood working had played such and important part of my life throughout my entire Career in Forensic Science when it came time to design and finish our basement a small climate controlled workshop was definitely part of the overall plan.  This was done long before I ever dreamed of building musical instruments.

 As stated elsewhere throughout this web site this is a one man operation and there is no assembly line process. Each and every instrument that comes off my work bench is produced one at a time; from the bending and shaping of the wood to the hand polishing of each and every fret. I work on one and only one instrument at a time from its start to its completion.  In doing so I feel I can give each and every Ke'Ano Ukulele the full attention it deserves and produce the utmost quality in every instrument.  Basically, it has everything to do with satisfying the perfectionist in me.


At a whopping 264 square feet (22’ x 12’) everything is right where it needs to be ... usually at arm’s length.  A very cozy  environment  properly equipped with all the right equipment, tools, ventilation and sawdust recovery  to meet all of my health and safety needs (I hope to be doing this for many more years).  What’s really important for me is that this small area is affording me the opportunity to do exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life ... producing quality musical instruments that can be passed from one generation to the next.  

There’s a lot more to it than acquiring a space and  purchasing a bunch of tools.  It’s absolutely amazing looking at number of specialized tools and jigs that have to be built to shape and assemble musical instruments. Below are examples of just A few

side bender.jpg
binding channel cutter.jpg

Panel Joiner

Side Bender

Gluing Jig

Binding Channel Cutter

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